3D Foam Block-Panel will provide your wall with a covering which is sure to give it a “wow” effect. They are very affordable so you can easily purchase them without spending too much money. Many customers prefer them as they are cheaper than paints and wall paper. They are known to provide insulation to the walls of your exteriors and interiors.

The 3D wall panel is made of Linear low-density polyethylene material. They can be installed in no time at all over sleek and clean surface without any mess. They have exclusive characteristic features namely – waterproof, anti-collision and light-weight in nature.

These foam blocks will help you to remodel your walls in most efficient manner. With this type of covering you are able to create a stunning impact in your home. 3D panels are available in a wide range so just check them out and choose as per your individual preference. Moreover, you can easily peel off the existing panel and stick a new one if you want every now and then. They can be installed very easily on the existing panels.

So, are you interested in purchasing 3D wall panels? Then just visit Living Room Stories and let our friendly staff help you to select the best 3D foam block-panel to give that classy touch to your “home sweet home” right away.