You can get POP ceiling in variety of shapes and designs so just make your choice and leave the rest in the hands of your service provider. Your provider can also offer you customized option as per your specifications. One of the characteristic features of POP ceiling is that it can be cast into any shape as you desire. Thus, you can create any design and pattern on ceiling. POP ceilings are widely used in places like homes, offices, malls and restaurants etc.

POP Ceilings Help To Highlight Ceiling Light Fixtures

You can design ceilings in number of ways by using POP. POP ceilings provide you soft and smooth finish. POP ceiling design helps to highlight ceiling light fixtures. One of the advantages of POP ceiling is that it is used to create different shapes of false ceiling. It is commonly used to hide air conditioning ducts. It helps to cover up ugly beams which run across the ceilings.

POP ceiling can easily gel with materials such as wood and give you a composite ceiling. POP ceiling helps you to add décor to your home. It absorbs sound and thus helps to make your home quiet and cozy.

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