Sofa cum bed is furniture that serves the purpose of both sofa and a bed. The bed is tucked below so that the furniture can become a sofa when needed. If you want to relax then you can pull the bed from below the furniture and lie down. This type of furniture can be availed in extraordinary designs and fashion.

How can sofa cum bed serve you?

Sofa cum beds can easily utilized by the people to store various home things. People often complain about having less storage space.  So, in the space below a sofa cum bed pillows and cushions can be easily kept. If you have lesser space in your home, then sofa cum beds can be used for sleeping purpose if you have more guests in your home. Even if you do not have guests pouring in then also you can use it for a grand sleep. It serves a twin in one purpose. As a lot of products can be stored below a sofa cum bed so it basically saves on your purchase of other furniture’s to store various kinds of goods in a room. These beds appear to be much cleaner than a common bed. The sofa cum bed leaves no space for the purpose of storage of goods thereby keeping clean.

We at Living Room Stories provides you with designer sofa cum beds. The sofa cum beds can be availed in various shapes, colours and styles. This two in one furniture adds an aesthetic value to your house.